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 It is a natural combination of Citrine and Amethyst , giving a diversity of color starting with a delicate yellow, through a shades of lilac to reach deep violet . These special characteristics, make The Bolivianite, a unique gem in the world.

The natural union of the Citrine and the Amethyst was produced thousands of years ago by the crash of two electromagnetic forces that imprinted this peculiarity.The mine is located in the Bolivian Pantanal, German Busch Province, east of Santa Cruz, approximately 30 Km. form Bolivia-Brazil border.

The legend told about a beautiful Ayorean Indian Princess called Anahi. She fell in love with a Spanish Conquer, and was killed by her own tribe because of jealousy and intrigue. At the moment of her death she gave a Bolivianite to her lover.

This special indivisible union between the Citrine and the Amethyst makes The Bolivianite the stone of eternal love....

Mythology indicates that love is worthy of imitation.

Andrea Jewellery Store, with more than 20 years in the jewelry market, offers you the opportunity to acquire the originality of love through the Bolivianite.


This gem integrates the Age of Aquarius; the third millennium, it helps to conquer internal and external difficulties, to evolve in light, love, and collaborating with the transmutation of the mental faculties and emotional conflicts.

The Amethyst also belongs to the seventh ray that rules the new era into which humanity is entering.

For it's part, the Citrine is the gem of excellence in internal knowledge. It aids in the understanding of life through wisdom, economic and intellectual development, and happiness.

Thus, we arrive at the Bolivianite, which defines the gem of transition by excellence. Combined with gold, identified by the first humans with the 'God Sun', it accentuates the power of change toward spiritual evolution and elevates to its maximum expression energetic power and internal healing.

The Bolivianite, combined with silver presents other energy forces. Adding to the beneficial aspects of the gem, this metal accentuates equilibrium, the relationship of the Ying and the Yang, the sensuality of woman, harmony, and full abundance.


A single stone shares violet and honey-colored tones. These intense colors united in a marked gem -according to the legend- due to the tragic love story of an Ayorean princess named Anahí and a Spanish conquer, Don Felipe de Urriola y Goitia, who became her husband. The 'cacique' gave the permission to marry and as a dowry, gave them a mine containing this two-colored stone. The Spaniard paid no attention to it, who was only interested in gold and silver.

When the princess and her husband planned to travel to Spain the story changed. The moment that the tribe found out about these plans and in order to avoid being abandoned, they decided to sacrifice Anahí. Mortally wounded, she spent the last few minutes of her live in her husband arms.

And when her strength began to wane, she placed in his hand a treasure that she wore around her neck. Urriola y Goitia held the treasure in his hand. When the princess died, he opened his hand and found a perfect two-colored gem. He then understood that the two colors represented Anahi´s heart divided between her love for her people and her love for her husband.






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